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Personal comprehensive A.I. health analysis report

According to personal health status to assess disease risk, and obtain doctor and dietitan recommendations.

Innovative Assessment – Better Health

Based on more than 500 evidence-based research papers worldwide with medical authority, the system integrates the available information and assesses risk factors for three major causes of death: cancers, chronic illnesses, and coronary artery illnesses in the early stage

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Integrates various health information, history and exam data to analyze the member's risk factors and likelihood of contracting 16 types of cancers, 5 types of chronic diseases, and coronary artery diseases in the future 10 years.

Personal inspection data and medical profile online management to stay healthy

No need to be stuck in traffic, wait in the clinic/hospital, worry about which specialty to see or bring your own recording and notes

3 easy steps
to obtain your health analysis report

Steps 1

Input your health check-up data

Steps 2

Submit to the Dr.HereOnline Health Exam System

Steps 3

Complete payment to access your comprehensive health analysis report

  • Information security
  • Data digitization
  • Personal inspection data and medical profile online management
  • Disease risk assessment
  • Doctor advice
  • Dietitian advice on meal plans

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